This website is a historical record of Gateway Christian Fellowship, a small church on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand. 

Gateway Christian Fellowship began in 2003 to support a number of mainly elderly Christians who had previously been part of the Kapiti Christian Centre.  The fellowship completed its ministry in July 2015, after 111/2 years of fruitful service.

Welcome t
o Gateway Christian Fellowship

Our mission is to hon
our and glorify God by actively pursuing His purposes in our lives,
and to serve others through Jesus Christ, who is the Gateway to God.

Gateway Christian Fellowship initially met in homes, but for most of its existence it met at the Senior Citizen's Hall, Ocean Road, Paraparaumu Beach.

Services were held there at 10.00am every Sunday.  

About us   All about Gateway Christian Fellowship.

Church Ministries  Different ways that people in Gateway served the Lord, each other and their community.

You can access notes from Sunday services between 2008-2013 by clicking on the following links.  You can also download notes from some of the sermons. 

Sunday sermons in 2008     Sunday sermons in 2009    Sunday sermons in 2010

Sunday sermons in 2011    Sunday sermons in 2012    Sunday sermons in 2013

Church news   News from Gateway Christian Fellowship and its community.

Useful links   Links to other websites that you might find useful.



Neil and Ingrid Evans                                             Rid and Bev Harrison                                      Ross and Olwyn Davison


Garry and Sue Gould                                       Ross and Kathy Callaghan                             Bernie and Dawn Townsend

Neil, Rid, Ross, Garry, Ross and Bernie were the elders of Gateway Christian Fellowship.

Jesus said "I am the gate; whoever enters through Me will be saved".  John 10:9

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